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Bernie's Beard Butter - Volume 2


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Bernie's Beard Butter - Volume 2

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Bernie’s Beard Butter – Woodsy & Fresh

Our beard butter is a potent mix of Earth’s finest oils, butters, and essential oils created to reinvigorate the health of your beard, protect your facial skin, and nourish your facial hair for optimal strength and growth. This rich formula will help protect your skin and hair against harsh winter conditions, dehydrated facial hair, and damaged hair.

C’mon men! We’ve heard it before from the ladies (or men) in our lives! They don’t want to kiss us because our beard hair hurts, it tickles, or is too scratchy! I don’t know about you, but hot dang, I love smooching my lady…and I love my facial hair! If you’re like me, you realize you need a solution to help soften things up. Look no further, you’ll find what you need right here with Bernie’s Beard Butter from Nina Marie Skincare.

It’s simple – apply, massage, and comb through daily for optimal results. Enjoy!

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